Saturday, 4 January 2020

New readers start here

A big welcome and thank you to those of you who have hopped over here since I ended my Blimey! blog on New Year's Eve. I appreciate your interest and I hope you'll stick around.

This blog focuses solely on my own work. It's my "business" blog if you like, for potential clients to check out my artwork but also for readers to see what I've got coming up as well as revisit some pages of the past.

I've been freelancing in comics since 1983 when I sold my first cartoons to The Daredevils. That led to lots more work for Marvel UK including strips such as Captain Wally, Robo-Capers, Macho Man, and Combat Colin! As I own the rights to Combat Colin I'm now reprinting his adventures in a series of comics you can buy from me here:

Other strips of mine you may be familiar with include Tom Thug for Oink! and Buster, Brickman for Elephantmen (an American comic), Suburban Satanists for Herman Hedning (a Swedish / Norwegian comic) and Team Toxic for Toxic magazine. 

I've also been a scriptwriter on Sonic the Comic, Lego Adventures, and CiTV Tellytots magazines and have written/drawn various strips for Dandy and Beano including Postman Prat, Keyhole Kate, Pup Parade, Lord Snooty, Ivy the Terrible, Joe King, Rasher and others. 

I've also contributed a lot of material to adult comics such as Felix and his Amazing Underpants and The Pathetic Sharks for Viz and various strips for Spit

Other titles I've worked for include Triffik, Jokes and Magic, Epic, Lucky Bag Comic and more.

At the moment I'm doing Pup Parade for Beano, The Daft Dimension for Doctor Who Magazine, a new Buster strip for the upcoming Cor!! Buster Easter Special and I recently did several Postman Prat pages and Keyhole Kate strips for The Dandy Annual 2021 (out in August). I also write the occasional article on old UK comics for Comic Scene magazine. There'll also be a couple of other things I'll talk about in due course. 

So... a lot of material from over the past 37 years that we can talk about on this blog, and I'll also be talking about the comics industry itself at times, as well as posting convention reports and photos etc. If there's any questions you have about my work, post a comment below. Likewise if there's any of my old strips you'd like to see. (Although bear in mind that most are subject to copyright by the publishers so I'll only show a few examples of each, not an entire series.) 

Welcome aboard and hope you'll enjoy the blog!


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SID said...

A belated thanks, Lew. Glad to be here.