Sunday, 5 January 2020

Pencils and Inks: IVY THE TERRIBLE (Beano, 2008)

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I drew a new series of Ivy the Terrible in 2014 for The Beano, and another one a few years later, but before that the Beano tested me with a one-off Ivy strip in 2008. 

I had to email in pencils for approval first so as I had it on file I thought I'd show you the page here, compared to my finished inked version. (Lettering and colouring was added by the Beano staff. These days we colour our own strips.)

Can't remember which issue it was published in but it was sometime in 2008. Anyway, it eventually led to me being commissioned to draw the strip on a regular basis, even though it took a few years!

I don't recall who wrote the script. Possibly Iain McCloughlin, or maybe even editor Alan Digby himself. (Iain was the writer on the series I did.) The plot is basically about Ivy learning to dress herself for nursery school. 

Ivy the Terrible was originally created by Alan Digby and Robert Nixon in 1985, based on Alan's young daughter. She was a great character to draw and I hope the Beano revives her again one day. 


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