Sunday, 10 February 2019

Derek the Troll in the massive Comic Scene Annual

Have you seen the Comic Scene Annual yet? Editor Tony Foster has compiled a massive 320 page softback volume featuring a wide range of strips from numerous contributors... and there's a new Derek the Troll half-pager in there from me too.

The Derek the Troll strip is actually the first episode of the series that's currently running in the digital monthly Goof! comic, but this is its first time in print, along with several other pages from Goof! presented as a sampler for the comic. (Unfortunately the Comic Scene Annual doesn't actually tell the readers anything about Goof! but you can subscribe at the following link):

Admittedly the Comic Scene Annual isn't cheap at £25 and I wouldn't expect anyone to buy it just for my half pager, but the book does carry a huge amount of other material too, including strips by Marc Jackson, John Gordon Miller, Mike Higgs, Steve Tanner and many more... plus 40 pages of To the Death, the new comic by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

Speaking of Goof!, I didn't have time to contribute a Derek the Troll chapter for this month's issue but he'll be back in March! I'm currently drawing a page for a comic I haven't contributed to for a while... More news soon!

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