Monday, 2 April 2018

Thoughts and updates...

If you have a smartphone with Location Services switched on you'll know that Google tracks you everywhere you go. Here's a map of everywhere Google tracked me in 2017 as I was out and about at various conventions and suchlike. You have no privacy when you carry a phone.

There's the thinking that "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear", so my conscience is clear but it's still an odd feeling to be monitored like this for advertising purposes or more sinister motives. 

Anyway, I'll be out and about even more this year, possibly with location services switched off. :) 

I'll be posting updates about my convention appearances soon, as there's a few more dates to add! I have a very busy summer ahead, and juggling shows with work means that I'll be making some changes. The most drastic that you'll notice is that I'll be updating my Blimey! blog far less than in previous years. I'll still post a couple of items every week, to keep it going, and I'm sure some weeks will be busier than others, but after 11 years of blogging about old comics I hope you'll appreciate that I've "done my bit" as it were. 

This blog will continue to be updated more often though, with news of my latest work, reflections on past strips, and thoughts about the comics industry. I hope you'll stick around! 

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