Wednesday, 4 April 2018

In print this week...

The Beano No.3929 will be out this Wednesday (4th April) and if they print the Big Eggo strips in the order I drew them the image above gives you a glimpse of this week's episode. One of the best things about working for the Beano is that all the characters live in Beanotown and can interact with each other. Fun for the readers and it also gives artists the opportunity to draw characters they wouldn't usually draw. Therefore I had Roger the Dodger and Danny and Toots of the Bash Street Kids cameo in this week's story.

On sale Thursday 5th April is the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine. We can't really use the 13th Doctor in the strips until Jodie Whittaker's series starts in the Autumn, so it gives me a good reason to focus on some of the other Doctors, such as the First Doctor in this month's Daft Dimension strip!

Both Doctor Who Magazine and Beano are on sale at all good newsagents and supermarkets.

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