Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Preview of TOXIC 304... and a few thoughts

There's a new issue of Toxic in the shops today, and that means a brand new Team Toxic adventure; Day of the Giant Bottoms!

Butt-Face is back with a new Ro-Butt... but Doc Shock creates a cheeky monster of his own to stop it! Find out what happens in Toxic No.304! Here's the polybag it's in to look out for...
Unfortunately, I've noticed there's an element of comics fandom (and even some pros) who have a sniffy attitude towards magazines like Toxic, rubbishing them as "bagged tat" and a blight on publishing. Most comics reviewers tend to ignore them, as though comic strips in these magazines somehow don't count. Perhaps they should bear in mind that Toxic and similar magazines often have more readers in the UK than most highly praised American comics do in the whole of the USA. 
Not that I'm advocating that DC and Marvel should bag their comics with water pistols and football stickers of course. Perish the thought! However, a less dismissive attitude towards modern British comics/magazines would be welcome. Toxic is aimed at children. No one is expecting adults to get the same kick out of it as a 7 year old would, but just to acknowledge that if its target audience is enjoying it (and that the mag has survived for 16 years so far) then it must be doing something right. 

Here endeth the sermon!

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