Monday, 16 April 2018

Thank you, Stoke-Con-Trent!

It faced competition from several other popular comics events taking place around the UK this weekend but Stoke-Con-Trent was a well attended show and good fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table for a sketch or a comic, and thanks of course to organiser Adrian Tooth and his team for their hospitality and hard work running the show. Great to see comics pals Mike Collins, Lee Sullivan, and David Leach again, and to meet new people too such as Ben Krefta and Red Queen Art.

More confusion over who's who between Lee Sullivan and me. Not just because of a passing similarity in looks and choice of clothes, but other spooky coincidences. This time the hotel got our rooms mixed up. To simplify matters here's a photo for easy identification. I'm the one on the left... er, right.... I think.

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Kal said...

I fear we might be triplets.