Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pup Parade preview: Bin Gone!

Here's a preview of an upcoming Pup Parade page that hopefully will be in this week's Beano (on May 18th). The Pup's famous dustbin is missing! What happens next? Find out by buying The Beano


Manic Man said...

looks good to me ^_^ and the amount you are still doing for the beano it seams like people enjoy I, which is great.

a bit off topic and I might have asked before but.. does anyone seam to know the originally name of the Bash street kids strip? Most things say "When the bell rings", which is the name the strip was first published under, BUT the original advert the week before called it the Bash Street Kids.. Seams to me like one of this times when the writer/artist came up with a name, the editors changed it, but then changed it again.

Lew Stringer said...

Possibly. I didn't know it was originally advertised as The Bash Street Kids! Interesting.

By the way, just a minor point, and I hope you don't mind me mentioning it, but you constantly mis-spell 'seems' as 'seams'. A seam is stitching on fabric but 'seems' is the correct spelling for 'something that appears to be'. Hope that helps. The English language can be a complex thing!

Manic Man said...

I don't mind at all ^_^ I'm dyslexic but I'm one of these ones that say "Screw that, It just means I need to try twice as hard".. but there are some words I always get wrong.. "Seams" is one of the main ones ^_^ one problem is also that spell checkers aren't too much good on that side.. and they keep claiming 'alot' isn't a word ¬_¬;

Oh, just rechecking.. I might be wrong.. or a bit confused.. from an Issue of 'The Wizard'. The Advert called them 'Bash Street School'. I can't remember the date but I think issue 55 so.. early to mid 50s.. which is about the time they were created.. the advert puts 'Bash Street School' in bold as the name of the story but I think it was text and probably a spin-off.. too many comics, too many names and dates..

Lew Stringer said...

Ah I see. My apologies. It's only in a few things you write where it's noticeable so I hadn't considered that was the reason.

Re: Bash Street. It sounds like you're talking about the Bash Street School text story that ran in Wizard for a while. That came after the Beano strip. (There is an example on my blog.) The strip was originally called 'When the Bell Rings' but I think it had changed to 'The Bash Street Kids' by the time 'Bash Street School' started in The Wizard.

Manic Man said...

no need to apologies. as far as I care it just mean I need to work harder ^_^

and ah, interesting that they didn't use the same name for the stories through..