Saturday, 14 May 2016


Photo © Paul Trimble.
Here's a great photo of our arrival in Belfast last week before boarding the bus behind us for the journey to Enniskillen for the Comic Fest. 
Left to right:
Jenika Ioffreda, Matt Brooker (AKA D'Israeli), Hunt Emerson, Steve Yeowell, Pete Doherty, Phil Winslade, Lew Stringer, Laura Howell, Alan Grant, Clint Langley, Sue Grant. 

A good time was had by all! Thanks again to the mighty Paul Trimble and his team for making us so welcome. 


Anonymous said...

Wait, Brooker and Disraeli are the same person??

I heard you were really short like Andy Hamilton Lew but you don't look it unless you photo shoped your head onto somebody else? Lol.

So that's Clint Langley!! Love his ABC Warriors.

What does Jenika do? Write, draw?

Hunt Emerson!!! Legend.

Lew Stringer said...

Ok, assuming you're not the same guy who made the spiteful 'Andy Hamilton' comment years ago I'll respond to your questions. Yes, D'Israeli is Matt Brooker's pen-name.
Jenika Ioffreda is an indie writer/artist who produces a comic called Vampire Free Style.
Hunt Emerson is indeed a legend.
I'm average height.

Happy now?