Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Programme of events for Lancaster Comics Day

I blummin' love comics conventions and always appreciate being invited to them. Let's face it, if it hadn't been for people organizing comics events (going back to Phil Clarke and Steve Moore organizing the first con in 1968) there wouldn't even be a comics community in the UK. It's great to meet the readers, see old friends in the industry, and make new contacts. This year I'm doing a mammoth 12 events and the seventh will be Lancaster Comics Day on Sunday 5th June. 

Organizer John Freeman has unveiled the day's programme of events and it promises to be an interesting show. Here we go...

Sunday 5th June 2016

Panels Programme

12:00 PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE: A Barrel of Laughs? Humour Comics with Tim Quinn, Lew Stringer, Joe Matthews, chaired by John Freeman
An affectionate look at British humour comics past and present, from The Beano and The Dandy to VIZ. Inevitably, we’ll be asking where next for humour comics and comics in general- expect some dangerous optimism!
13:30 Superheroes and the Unexpected with Andy Diggle, Alex Paknadel  Sean Phillips and Tom Ward, chaired by John Freeman
Discussing ‘adventure’ comics – from superheroes to thrillers. What’s the current state of play – are we well beyond the dominance of superheroes on the comic shop shelf or do they still command? With DC Rebirth in full swing this June, what’s the prognosis – and how important is the growing self publishing movement utilising new ways of creating comics through Kickstarter and other means?
14:30 Worlds Beyond: SF, Fantasy and Games with authors AS Chambers, J.S. Collyer, Eddie Robson and Ken Walton, chaired by AS Chambers
Local Lancaster author AS Chambers leads a panel discussing the state of SF and Fantasy, joined by SF author JS Collyer and games designer Ken Walton. What’s happening in the worlds of Publishing and self publishing? Which authors are shaking up the industry? Find out what these local creators have been working on on!
15:30 Celebrating Doctor Who Magazine with Adrian Salmon, Lew Stringer and Tim Quinn and John Freeman
With Doctor Who Magazine reaching its landmark 500th issue this year we look back – and forwards – to Doctor Who in print with contributors past and present to the much-loved title.

In the Main Library

Expect comic creators, publishers, comics for sale, comic cake (thanks to Katie White) and a lot  more – and the team from theLakes International Comic Art Festival on hand to reveal the latest news about our their event in October in Kendal (14th – 16th October 2016)

For Kids

Preston-based comics artist and publisher Graham Pearce will be back to run his popular workshops for kids, and we’ll also be offering some comic hero-inspired face painting!

Games Galore!

Don’t miss our dedicated gaming room run by Sam Phillips of House Lancaster Gaming Group!
Lancaster Comics Day – Small and imperfectly formed!
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