Thursday, 26 May 2016

In print this week...

The Daft Dimension
Here's a rundown of the work I have in print this week. First off, as you've no doubt heard already, it's the record-breaking 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine today. (I was at a function in London last night where it was awarded 'Longest running magazine based on a TV series' by the Guinness Book of Records.) This is a real bumper package, with the regular magazine boosted from 84 to 116 pages plus an additional 116 page souvenir mag, free stickers, and a giant poster. The strip content is increased too, with a new 20 page 12th Doctor strip (with art by Dave Gibbons, Mike Collins, Roger Langridge, John Ridgway and more), a new full pager by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett, a Doctor Whoa! strip by Baxter, and a full page Daft Dimension strip from me. Published by Panini at £9.99.

Also out now is Toxic No.172 from Egmont, featuring the return of the tree monster from the previous issue. Can Doc Shock and his Team Toxic hatch a plan to stop it? 
Team Toxic

Last but never least is The Beano No.3836 for £3.50 which comes bagged with two great gifts; a big map of Beanotown and specially made binoculars. (A cardboard gift, created just for this issue, like free gifts of old.) For this issue I did a full page Pup Parade and, sadly, the last in this series of Rasher mini-strips. Hopefully the ever-hungry pig will return again. I really enjoyed doing those strips. 
Pup Parade

Doctor Who Magazine! Toxic! Beano! All available from a newsagent or supermarket near you now!


Peter Gray said...

love the extra details you put in the Doctor Who strip...hope you get more space in the future..really liked it...also enjoying pup parade..rasher

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks, Peter. The Daft Dimension will be back to its usual size with issue 501 I'm afraid, but it's still great to be in DWM.

Rasher has ended now but Pup Parade will run for at least another seven weeks.