Monday, 30 May 2016

Don't miss out!

I'll be bringing along copies of Brickman Returns! to Lancaster Comics Day on Sunday but for those of you who aren't attending you can still buy copies from me by post! Brickman Returns! is a sequel to the previous collection, Brickman Begins! (also still available) but it's also a self contained story in its own right.

Brickman Returns! is a 32 page full colour comic on top quality paper featuring 20 pages of my Batman parody Brickman, a 3 page Combat Colin classic from the 1980s, and 3 pages of The Suburban Satanists, plus a two page feature on the history of the characters.

The first print has sold out but I still have copies of the second printing. Don't miss out! You can order Brickman Returns! (and the previous book, Brickman Begins!) directly from me from my online shop via PayPal:   

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