Monday, 8 February 2016

Work in progress 2007

Here's a photograph I took on October 9th 2007. On my drawing board was the Team Toxic strip in progress for that year's Christmas issue of Toxic. (I always draw my pages in two halves.) This was during a time when I was using a dip nib to ink my pencils, a practice I've long since abandoned in favour of uniPin fineliners and Zig Cartoonist Mangaka Felxible pens. 

I only used dip nibs for a couple of years I think. The results were always variable so I was always on the lookout to find better tools to suit my style. Before then, for many years, I inked with Rapidographs, doubling up the lines to give them weight and effect. (Most of my Oink!, Buster and Transformers pages were drawn with Rapidographs.) Then the type of Bristol Board I used became obsolete and I found the new stuff wasn't suitable for using Rapidographs on. These days I find the uniPin and Mangaka pens are ideal for use on Canson Bristol Board. 

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