Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Get into Combat!

I'm sometimes asked "When is Combat Colin coming back?". The answer of course is that he's been back for several years, albeit not on a regular basis. So this is just a brief reminder that brand new full colour three page Combat Colin stories appear in these issues of online comic Aces Weekly:

Volume 1, No.1.
Colin and Steve confront new monsters The Zombie-Yeds!

Volume 8, No.7
Colin's Combat Trousers have been nicked by an old enemy! Guest-starring The Giggly Sisters!

Volume 16, No.6
Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve blast off into space!

Aces Weekly is an adventure/humour anthology comic and each issue features six strips by various creators with Combat Colin appearing in the three issues mentioned. I'll be doing another complete episode sometime soon.

Don't forget that Combat Colin also guest stars in several pages of the Brickman saga in Brickman Returns, my self-published comic available by post directly from me:

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