Thursday, 25 February 2016

Back in The Beano

I haven't worked for the weekly Beano for nearly a year but I have a page in this week's issue. I was commissioned to do the artwork for a one-off advertorial for the book Superhero Street. As such I was asked to 'ghost' the style of the book's illustrator Sara Ogilvie as close as possible. It was a nice change to do something like this and I hope it turned out ok.  

To find out more about this great children's book by Phil Earle and Sara Ogilvie go to the Superhero Street website here:

That page was a one-off but I'll be back in The Beano again soon with two new series reviving some traditional Beano strips. More news soon! 

1 comment:

Manic Man said...

checked out her artwork, not a bad job ^_^ also, it's always nice when you know the editors or whoever hires these days, haven't forgotten you