Monday, 7 September 2015

Successful launch for Brickman Returns!

Just got back today from the International Comics Expo (ICE) which took place in Birmingham at the weekend. A fantastic event that went by far too quickly. Here's a photo taken just a few minutes before the show opened, where the launch of Brickman Returns! proved to be even better than I'd anticipated. I had to replenish the stack of comics on my table twice as they practically sold out. (Don't worry; I have plenty more at home.) Tomorrow I'll add details of how to buy the comic by post.

Thanks to Shane Chebsey and his team for an excellent show. It was great to meet up with friends old and new including Mike Collins, David Leach, Staz Johnson (next to me in the photo), Nigel Parkinson, Nika Narkova, Sarah Littlehales, Dan Harrison, Jatinder Ghataora, Laura Watton-Davies, Jessica Martin, Laura Howell, Deborah Tate, Robbie Morrison, Tim Pilcher, David Bailie, Dave Taylor, Dylan Teague, David Roach, Rachael Stott, Hunt Emerson, John McCrea, Paul H. Birch, Steve Tanner and his family, Steve Pugh, Steve Yeowell, John Ross, and many others, plus no doubt obvious ones I should have remembered. 

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to buy comics and/or a sketch! I really appreciate it. 

ICE, and the following day's event, Comics Uncovered, had a really positive vibe to them and are genuinely beneficial for the UK comics community and industry. I hope they'll return next year!

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John Pitt said...

Glad it was a success, Lew and not marred / put off by illness.