Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Here's an illustration of Octobriana that I did recently for a new book about the character which has been published by Kult Creations. Who is Octobriana? An underground character that has been around for years and, unusually, is in the public domain. Truly a woman of the people. 

John A. Short has researched the background of this fascinating character and has revealed all in his excellent book Octobriana: The Underground History, which I'll be reviewing on my other blog, Blimey!, as soon as I've had time to read it all.

For the moment though I thought I'd show you my contribution to the book, in its original black and white form. For the published version, John has added colour and some amusing text. Buy the book to see it! 

You can find out more about Octobriana: The Underground History, and other publications by Kult Creations, by visiting their website here:   
Cover by Simon Breeze

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