Friday, 11 September 2015

A Brick-tastic week!

My thanks to every one of you who bought a copy of Brickman Returns! It's been a week since the launch at ICE and what a great response every day! I've cleared half the print run already. Admittedly that includes the ten percent of the run that are on sale or return at Nostalgia and Comics, so we'll see how that goes, but the rest have been zooming to all corners of the UK with brisk sales by post. All orders I received up to 3.00pm today have been dispatched now, with a couple more to go in the morning. Next week I'll be sending out the free copies to a few people I promised them to, and for those of you overseas who enquired about prices I'll get back to you all soon.

The photo above is of the first box of comics just before I posted off the last three copies. Don't worry if you haven't bought one yet; I have another full box of issues. Naturally, sales will slow down now after the initial demand but if you want a copy it's better to order sooner rather than later. As there's been such a great interest in the comic I will be going to a second print, but as yet I don't know how long that will take.
I'll also be working on my next self-published comic in a few months. Suburban Satanists No.1 will reprint the strips I did for Egmont Norway and Sweden in the late 1990s, in English for the first time. I'm hoping to publish that early next year. 

Anyway, back to the present and, again, many thanks to all of you who bought a copy. Your support is really appreciated.
Brickman Returns! 32 pages, full colour, quality paper. Available to order from my online shop:


Anonymous said...

Would it be nosey of me to enquire how large your print run was, Lew?

I assure you my request isn't quite as rude as it seems. Given the declining circulation of mainstream comics, I'm curious to see how well a self-published venture can fare.

If you don't want to give an exact figure would a rough indication be ok? eg: between 5.000-10.000, etc?

I hope this comment comes over in the manner it is intended to.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered it might be a mistake to put Satanic content in your comic Lew? I was looking forward to buying Brickman's return but the inclusion of the occult has put me off. It's not a comic I would be comfortable reading and I don't think it's appropriate for it to fall into the hands of the young. Sorry!

Lew Stringer said...

That's entirely your choice of course and if you're uncomfortable with having the comic in your house, fair enough. However I would point out that the cover clearly states it's rated 'Teen plus' so whoever sees it is the responsibility of the buyer.

I'm aware a few scenes are unsuitable for the very young but there's nothing extreme in there. The "occult" content is a harmless lighthearted spoof of devil worship, which I think many people of faith might actually enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Anything that involves the adversary is not harmless and should never be taken lightheartedly. I will not be purchasing it.

Lew Stringer said...

Assuming you're not playing devil's advocate and that's your genuine opinion then obviously I'm not going to win you over with a counter argument. I'd rather have readers who are more open minded and who don't condemn something they haven't even seen.