Thursday, 3 September 2015

ICE to see you!

If you're attending the International Comics Expo (ICE) this Saturday in Birmingham here's where you'll find me: on the third floor, sharing a table with the mighty Staz Johnson, and alongside such mega talents as Dave Taylor, John Wagner, and more!

Hopefully... hopefully copies of Brickman Returns! will have arrived for me to launch the comic at the event. At the moment it's a race against time and the comics should be delivered to me tomorrow (Friday) before I set off to Birmingham, so let's hope for the best! 

ICE website:


Tiniebras said...

/fingers crossed that the printers are fast!
For those of us not within striking distance of Brum, will it be posible to put an order in for postal delivery?

Lew Stringer said...

I've just been notified by the printer that they're on their way! It's now down to the courier to navigate the treacherous inter-dimensional roads from there to my mountain top domain here in the Lewniverse!

Yes, I'll be selling them via post as from early next week. I just need to weigh one in an envelope first to judge the cost of postage, then I'll publish details. I've had the comic printed on nice quality paper stock so it'll be slightly heavier than the average comic.