Wednesday, 9 September 2015

BRICKMAN RETURNS! now available to order by post

Here's a photo of the first batch of Brickman Returns! to be sent out by post today. These are just the orders I received before 7.00a.m. today. I'll be making another trip to the post office later with another stack.

My thanks to everyone who's bought a copy so far. Obviously interest will slow down after the initial surge of orders but I'm over the moon with the response so far, with both sales at ICE and orders by mail. 

If you want a copy for yourself, you'll find ordering info over on my online shop here:

If you live outside the UK, e-mail me at for prices to your part of the world.

I didn't get around to taking any photos at ICE at the weekend but Jon Laight has written a great piece on the show for Down the Tubes, along with a good selection of photos that he took (such as the one of me below). Visit here to see the article:

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