Sunday, 4 January 2015

New to The Beano this week

Looks like my new strips are starting in The Beano sooner than I expected. This coming Wednesday (Jan 7th) will see the start of a Joe King mini strip! Joe is an old character from the 1990s (that Bob Dewar used to draw) and prior to this I'd only drawn head shots of the character for the jokey straplines throughout the comic. I've retained Joe's look of course but I haven't tried to emulate Bob Dewar's brilliantly distinctive style. I hope the readers enjoy the strip, which will run for a couple of months. I think I've drawn nine so far. John Anderson wrote the first one (preview above) and I've written the rest.

Also in the same issue, Rasher returns for another series, written and drawn by me. I started drawing this new series back in July of last year so I'm looking forward to seeing it in print. Here's a preview of the first in the new series although they may appear in a different order to how I drew them. 

These two mini strips replace the Ivy the Terrible half-pagers I'd been doing.

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