Tuesday, 20 January 2015


There's a new issue of Toxic out this week (Wednesday 21st January) which sees the return of Butt-Face in the two page Team Toxic strip I wrote and illustrated. The cheeky faced villain is up to no good as usual in a story I've called Foggy Fright!

I recently gave the strip a bit of a facelift by designing a new logo. The one that had been running across the top of page one for several years looked like this...

...so I thought a box logo would make a change and redesigned it like this...

I drew the Team Toxic logo by hand (just as I did with the old one) but I used a font for the story title which is consistent with the one used throughout Toxic magazine. (I did all the colouring in Photoshop of course.) As with the old logo, I drop in a different story title every issue. 

Anyway, if you want to see how Foggy Fright turns out, pick up a copy of Toxic No.249 this week!

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