Friday, 23 January 2015

Something for various tastes

There are five publications on the shelves at the moment that I've contributed to, which hopefully will appeal to a variety of readers. 

The Beano No.3768 (DC Thomson): This week's issue contains new Rasher and Joe King mini strips for kids of all ages. £2.20

Doctor Who Magazine No.482 (Panini Magazines): The Daft Dimension strip, featuring the 12th Doctor, Clara, and a bunch of famous monsters. £4.99

Toxic No.249 (Egmont UK): A new Team Toxic two-pager with 'gross' humour for kids as the Team meet Butt-Face again! £2.99

Marvel Fact Files No.97 (Eaglemoss): I've written a two page article on the Incredible Hulk's UK strips. (More info here: ) £3.99

Grindhouse No.1 (Dark Horse): Published last month but still on sale in comic shops. I created a new full page strip, - Snowmanic! - that appears on the back cover. Adults only. $3.99

Don't forget that the Skikkums app I did all the art for is still available for a free download:

As you can gather, I've been busy recently. The fear of any freelancer though is that we're never sure how long it'll last. I've completed all my Beano work now (which will still appear over the next 8 weeks or so) but hopefully I'll be commissioned for more shortly. Lots to do over the next week or two for other publishers thankfully and I'll tell you about that soon. In the meantime, buy comics!

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