Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oink! 46 cover

I think I drew 5 covers in total for Oink! during its two and a half year run. This was the second one I designed, which appeared on issue No.46 back in January 1988! I wanted to show a selection of the varied characters that appeared in the comic, so although I included my own Pete and His Pimple and Tom Thug, it meant I had to 'ghost' the styles of Frank Sidebottom, Jeremy Banx and others to a certain extent. 

It didn't turn out too badly although I can't help thinking I'd have made a better job of the colouring had Photoshop been available back then. (I much prefer colouring by compluter than using a brush.)

If you're interested in what was inside the issue, check out Phil Boyce's piggin' brilliant Oink! Blog as he's got that issue hogging the spotlight this week!

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