Friday, 8 March 2013

Pig with a title

 A few months ago The Beano asked me to design a logo for the Rasher mini-strip which I write/draw for the comic. Prior to that they'd been using a logo designed in-house which utilized a font, but they wanted one that was more suited to the character. 

As you can see from the image above, I submitted three roughs so the editors had a choice. The top one was perhaps too ordinary. The second was probably too decorative considering it would be reduced quite small on the printed page. (And in retrospect it was probably too 'soft' to be a suitable representation of Dennis' pig!)

They chose the 'hairy' logo. I was pleased as I preferred that one myself (which was actually the design I first thought of). It's basically Rasher's characteristics as a logo. 

With the rough approved I set to work on the finished version. Here it is:

And here's how it appears on the strip. (This is before the speech balloons are added obviously.) Walter discovers it's a bad idea to scoff at Rasher when he's dreaming he's chasing turnips.:

You can read Rasher every week in The Beano. (Except for this week, which is a Red Nose Day special issue.) 

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Harry Rickard said...

Thanks for this, Lew - always interesting to hear behind-the-scenes parts of The Beano and its design process! Must say, really like the current logo - looks far nicer and represents the character a lot better!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Harry. I enjoyed designing it. Logos of that organic style feel like an extension of drawing anyway. Same for sound effects.