Thursday, 28 March 2013

Things to come

Pencil version of an upcoming Beano pranks feature.
This new blog has been up and running for four weeks now, so a big thank you to all of you who have followed it. Thanks also to the blogs and websites who have given it a plug, and to those of you who have retweeted/shared my posts. It's all very much appreciated. 

Recently I've been drawing quite a few of those Dennis and Gnasher You've Been Pranked features for The Beano so you'll see those appearing in the weekly over the next couple of months. I've also just completed an extra-length one for BeanoMax which will appear in next month's issue, No.77. 

Rasher continues to appear in The Beano too. I'm several weeks ahead on those mini-strips and have just drawn one with a summer holiday theme. (Let's hope the weather improves by then!)

I completed my pages for the 2014 annuals a few weeks back. Six pages for The Dandy Annual (three Smasher strips plus three of something else) and two pages for The Beano Annual (a classic character I've never drawn before). They should be out in July.

I'll soon be starting work on another Combat Colin three pager for the online comic Aces Weekly. I hope that everyone who misses the traditional format of the UK adventure weeklies is supporting it. At just £6.99 for each seven-issue volume you can't go wrong. See the website for free samples and a current special offer:

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Harry Rickard said...

It's really nice to see you in so many things now, Lew! I hope we can get to see you in the Digital Dandy sometime soon as well!

Keep up the marvellous work!