Monday, 4 March 2013

The Daily 'Combat Colin' - Part 3

Time for part three of the first Combat Colin serial, One Of Our Milkmen Is Missing! See previous days for the first two parts. 

Originally published in Action Force No.16, 20th June 1987.

Looking at this episode now, 26 years later, I'm a bit embarrassed about the depiction of the natives. You'll see the point I was making, turning prejudice on its head by showing that appearances can be deceiving, but it was a clumsy way to do it. 

That said, I was pleased that it showed up Colin's ignorance. I liked to make my heroes flawed, sometimes idiotic in fact. Having a lead character for the readers to laugh at, rather than a clean-cut cleverclogs to relate to, provided more opportunities for laughs. That was my theory anyway. 

Part four tomorrow, when you'll meet the villain of the story! 

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