Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tom Thug, Easter 1990

With the 14th April 1990 issue, Buster comic underwent a significant revamp, gaining a new masthead and gaining 'all colour' throughout its 32 pages. (It had previously featured a large amount of black and white pages.) Truth be told, some of the 'all colour' pages were only done with basic primary spot colour rather than hand inked/painted full colour. However, I was fortunate in that Tom Thug had proved popular enough to be one of the pages to switch to proper full colour.

Above is the Tom Thug's Skooldayz page I did for that issue. The first in full colour for the new-look Buster. I created a new logo for it because the previous blackboard style one would have looked too drab for a colour page. I thought a tatty, stained exercise book style would be more suitable and still 'Thuggish'.

The colours of the strip reproduced more dark and intense than I intended in this issue, but I kind of like the richness to it. 

And, as it's Easter weekend, the Eater Egg theme of this story seemed appropriate. Hope you like it. Happy Easter!

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Manic Man said...

I like it ^_^ colours look a bit dark in places (not counting scan shadowing) but pretty rich that looks good