Monday, 27 July 2020

It's July and here are the 2021 Annuals!

Yes, it's that time of the year again when the annuals are published and my order for The Dandy Annual 2021 and The Beano Annual 2021 arrived this morning.
I've been looking forward to these ever since I drew the strips last year! (We work well in advance on annuals.) Here's the content I have in these books...

For The Dandy Annual 2021:
Script, art, colouring, lettering on 4 double page Postman Prat stories.
Script, art, colouring, lettering on 8 Keyhole Kate mini-strips.
Art / colouring / design on two activity pages (Prat and Kate).

For The Beano Annual 2021:
Script, art, colouring on 4 Lord Snooty mini-strips.

Each book is hardback, full colour throughout, with 112 pages of all new material. Other artists include Nigel Parkinson, Jamie Smart, Laura Howell, Mike Collins, and more. Available now from the D.C. Thomson Shop:

As I said earlier, we work well ahead on the annuals and I'm currently drawing a Keyhole Kate page for The Dandy Annual 2022!



Anonymous said...

Are these the same books that usually come out in December for Christmas or are these the big glossy summer specials?

Lew Stringer said...

These are the hardback annuals that have always come out around this time of year. People only assume they were published at Christmas because that's when they received them as presents.

As for the summer specials, they haven't had the old big glossy format for years. For quite a while now they've been 68 page bookazines.

SID said...

Thanks, Lew.

I won't be getting the Beano Annual and The Dandy Annual until my last working day of the year / Christmas Eve respectively.

So a while yet.