Sunday, 29 March 2015

This week's Rasher preview

Here's an advance preview of an unlettered panel from the Rasher strip I did for an upcoming issue of The Beano. This is the final one in this run, and unfortunately my last work for the weekly for the time being but I hope to be commissioned for more strips soon. Work will commence on the 2017 dated annuals in a few months (yes we work that far in advance) so hopefully I'll be doing a few pages for those. 

Thanks for continuing to follow this blog. I really appreciate it. I'll continue to keep you updated on my current work and also post some items about the comics I've worked on over the last 32 years. 

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John Pitt said...

You're welcome, Lew!
Little did I know, when I first chuckled at Pete and his Pimple in Oink, that one day I would become friends with its creator!
Two of the greatest things about the internet is sharing and bringing people together.
It is such a pity that there are those who abuse this wonderous thing for unsavoury things!

Lew Stringer said...

Very true John. There are some unpleasant folk out there. But not here. Nice to know you used to read Oink! Happy days.

James Spiring said...

This is in the issue that came out yesterday. From the timing of this blog post, I guess you expected it to be in last week's issue? I hope they give you more work soon.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks James. Nothing on the horizon yet but I'm still doing work for Toxic and Doctor Who Magazine, plus I'm about to start on another Combat Colin one-off strip for Aces Weekly.