Monday, 2 March 2015

Look out! Monster!

My thanks to those of you who bid on my auction last week and congratulations to those who won. The pages will shortly be winging their way to you. 

I only have a couple of items up on eBay this week. For a change I thought I'd do a brand new drawing exclusively for the auction. That's him above. A5 size, black ink on Bristol Board, drawn yesterday (Sunday 1st March 2015). Never seen before. Your chance to own something unique. 

I'm also selling an original Robo-Capers strip from the 1980s that was published in Marvel's The Transformers. I don't have many Robo-Capers strips left now so if you're interested, bid while you have the chance. 

Again, all bids are welcome and I do really appreciate your interest. Good luck!
Here's my eBay page:

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