Thursday, 12 March 2015

A commotion in the Brain Dept.

As I usually write my own material it often means there are days when I don't actually earn anything because they're spent thinking up the next ideas. This is one such day. I'll be paid for the finished script of course, along with the artwork, but there could be a few ideas I'll reject or rewrite before that stage. 

The old grey matter is pondering a few scripts at the moment. The next Team Toxic strip (may involve one of the team going yampy, or not), a proposed script for Viz (ooer, might be a bit rude), the next Grindhouse back pager (will definitely involve comic violence) and another Combat Colin 3 pager for a future edition of Aces Weekly (may include the sfx 'Smoshya!'.) Then there'll be the next Daft Dimension for Doctor Who Magazine and possibly some Beano ideas. 

They're all fragments of ideas at the moment, and I need to prioritize which needs fleshing out first. No doubt some will have potential and some I'll choose to rewrite before submitting them. (Sometimes an idea for a strip springs to mind almost fully formed but not often.) 

Anyway, no point in talking about it. I'd better get on with it! 

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