Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Original art for sale... plus more!

I'm selling off more of my original artwork on eBay this week including a page of Tom Thug from Oink! No.62 (see detail above) and a Pathetic Sharks page from Viz No.217 (last summer's jubilee issue).

I'm also selling a couple of comics I contributed to. One is the issue of Buster from 1996 that featured my final all-new Tom Thug strip before it went reprint. This comic is in superb condition, unread, complete with its free gift. Plus I've drawn a new Tom Thug sketch to accompany it. 

There's also a copy of the Combat Colin Limited Edition Special from the year 2000. This 20 page comic only had a print run of 150 copies so it's very rare. Condition is excellent and I've drawn a new Combat Colin pencil sketch as part of the deal.

I'm also selling a few items that I had no involvement in, such as the very first issue of Cheeky Weekly (complete with unused free gift) and Classics from the Comics No.1. Both in excellent clean, flat condition.

Interested? Zoom over to my eBay page here for a better look. All bids welcome! Good luck!

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Tiniebras said...

Gah! Internet connection dropped out just as I watched myself get out bid. I hate ebay sometimes ;) Interesting that shortly after the Colin Special finished copies of Yampy Tales 1+2 went for about £20 each. You're collectible you are Lew!