Thursday, 1 October 2020


I thought you might like to see what this week's Ellis's Great Escapes looked like when I was drawing it. Here's part of a panel during the inking process. As you can see, my pencil roughs are VERY rough and untidy, but I find it's the best way to convey the energy of a drawing from my imagination to the paper. I know which line I'll be inking but I don't think anyone else would! Fortunately Beano artists ink their own work and don't use the factory system that American comics have employed for years. (Although no doubt if one artist was churning out several 20 page comics a month then we would have to use separate inkers and colourists.) 

Below is the finished job, after I'd inked and coloured it, and the lettered, printed version as it appears in the Beano No.4055 out now! Buy your copy to read the full story and loads of other fun strips!




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