Monday, 1 June 2020

Strange times

I hope everyone's OK in these difficult times when we're all struggling? No one saw this coming and I know it's very hard to adjust to what's happening across the world. I'm not going to pretend anything will improve soon, or treat this pandemic like a holiday as some people are, but I hope we all find our own ways to cope and survive.

Not a lot to report about work right now, so here's an old illustration I did back in 2001 for a charity deck of playing cards. It features three characters I created; Brickman, Tom Thug, and Combat Colin.

Stay safe and be good to yourselves and your loved ones. 


Gary said...

That really is a striking image. Thanks for uploading it, along with all of the other updates. Keep em'coming and take care!. Gary

SID said...


My household is coping okay.

Can't help thinking that the government is relaxing too much too soon though.

Nor do I think everyone is taking it seriously. I know someone who has taken the test and now thinks she is immune because she has been found negative - idiot!

Only time will see.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Gary. You too.

Sid, I could fill a blog post with what I think of this mean spirited government. For them to ease lockdown when we have the second highest death rate in thw world is irresponsible and twisted. They're putting the profits of businesses over human lives. I have nothing but contempt for them.

I have even more contempt for that racist man-baby in the White House bunker.

The world deserves better leaders.