Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Go Barmy!

Another quick reminder that if you're missing comics during these strange times you can always download Barmy Comix No.1, a 32 page digital comic featuring a selection of some of my best bits.

It also includes an exclusive nine page preview of Combat Colin No.5

Get Barmy Comix at this link:

It's free to download but if you want to donate a bit of spare cash I'd appreciate £2 if you can afford it, payable via PayPal to

Thank you!



Rick said...

When does no.2 come out?

Lew Stringer said...

At the moment I've no plans to do a second issue. The idea behind it was for it just to be a substitute for Combat Colin No.5 which I would have published in April.

Besides, I'm not sure I have enough creator-owned material to fill a second issue without reprinting material that I've already used in my comics in recent years.

For now, Blimey Comix is a one-off.... but that doesn't mean I won't revive it one day. No plans for the forseeable future though.