Monday, 24 June 2019


There will be a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine in the shops this Thursday, 27th June, and it celebrates Jon Pertwee's centenary.

Although I'd been watching Doctor Who since the very early days of William Hartnell's original Doctor, it was the Jon Pertwee stories that engaged me the most I think. I was 11 to 13 years old when the third Doctor was on TV, which was a good age to appreciate the show's move to slightly more sophisticated stories. For our generation, Doctor Who had grown up a little to retain its audience and to pull in new viewers. 

It was also helped by the Doctor Who strip moving from TV Comic to the new comic, Countdown, in 1971, which was also more sophisticated than TV Comic was. Countdown swiftly became my favourite comic of the early 1970s, and I still have every issue, carefully stored away. (A year later, Countdown changed its title to TV Action, which I didn't like quite as much, and later dropped, but I've managed to collect a complete run now.) 

It was therefore an honour to be able to put the third Doctor in my latest Daft Dimension strip for Doctor Who Magazine No.540. Check out the full strip when it's published on Thursday! 

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alanultron5 said...

I really loved Pertwee's first year Lew (Season 7) It stands apart from seasons 8 - 11 to me; and is less `dated` than those other seasons- which are lovely period pieces reflecting the early 1970s so much. His first year seems - to me- rather `darker` in tone. I enjoyed that year very much.