Sunday, 10 June 2018

This week's funny business...

I have a few strips being published on Wednesday 13th June, so here's a quick preview of all of them.

First up, Team Toxic encounter a new foe when Skegpool beach is endangered! See Toxic No.307!

That same day, Beano No.3939 will also be out, and Terry Tuff has a new plan to capture Big Eggo! It's doomed to failure! 

Also out on Wednesday, Epic No.147 sees the stinky kids of Hygiene High get back to nature. Nature isn't happy about it! Script by Niall Murray, art by me.

...and still in the shops from two weeks ago (unless they'e sold out already) is Doctor Who Magazine No.526 featuring a new Daft Dimension strip of mine.

That's Toxic, Beano, Epic, and Doctor Who Magazine. All of these titles are available from newsagents and supermarkets across the UK!

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