Sunday, 17 June 2018

Angry Eggo!

Who's annoyed Big Eggo? Find out in the Beano No.3940, on sale Wednesday 20th June!


Manic Man said...

which reminds me.. Big Eggo: Role model for equal rights for Fathers. in 38 that was a big thing.. in fact, it's only within the last few years that fathers have been getting equal rights with mothers.. still not quite there but getting there.

of course, it's no such thing as a role model for it. I don't like it when someone steals a character and tries to make it a role model for what it's not.. like them people that think adding gay subtext into Sherlock Holmes or Biggles (where sex had very little to no factor in the stories).. oh well.

Lew Stringer said...

Sorry Ryan, you'll have to explain further. When was Big Eggo a role model for equal rights?

Manic Man said...

it was more that he wasn't but in theory, he was as he is mostly shown to be one in that real world Ostriches share caring for the egg to the female during the day, and the male at night, yet Eggo was a Male with no female in sight, looking after his egg during the day. It was more joking about how people would hold something like that up as a role model for single fathers with young, compared to the old days where it was often shown to be the mother that stays with the young. It's interesting about Ostriches as the reason for the sharing like that is cause during the day, the mother's brown blends in with the sand where as the male's black is hidden more at night. it would be a great example of adaptation if it wasn't for the low number of eggs that survived to hatch.