Sunday, 24 June 2018

Published this week...

This week sees Big Eggo feeling the effects of the current hot weather in Beano No.3941, on sale Wednesday 27th June!

The following day, on Thursday 28th June, Doctor Who Magazine No.527 features another Daft Dimension strip by me. This time the focus is on fan-friction! (Not a typo.)

Remember that Goof! No.0 is now available and includes the start of an all-new Derek the Troll series! This online monthly comic costs just £1 an issue and you'll find out all the info here:

Happy reading! 


Manic Man said...

i'm still looking forward to goof.. but it seams the site is a bit.. lacking right now.. While £12 a year isn't a huge amount and I was thinking about it, since
#0 normally is a preview or an introduction issue, I was going to pick that up (well, buy on the site) before I decide if I want to go all in for a year subscription.. however, right now the site ONLY allows £12 year subscription.. you can't buy 1 issue for £1. despite a lot of talk about £1 per issue or £12 for a year of 12 issues (which is the same price of course).

As for my view about the site still lacking.. yeah.. not much information, classic mistakes like "just click READ THE COMICS" but there is no 'Read the comics' button, just 'Comics'.. it's not major but the standard amateur mistake. As it's new, I'll probably have to give it a little while for when the site is finished to think about looking into a subscription.. a bit annoying that but oh well. With limit resources, even small amounts need to be debated at times.

Lew Stringer said...

There are preview panels on the link I supplied, Ryan. Only of a few strips, admittedly, but we can't give too much away when all the strips only run to one pages each.

Comic subscription ads often mention the single issue price. Same with Aces Weekly. Yes, it'll cost you £12 for a full year, but that's still a pound an issue as you mention.

Manic Man said...

yeah, I've been in contact with Marc ^_^ and I still think the site needs a bit of work but fair enough. Having a minor issue at the moment with a mixture of the heat and some.. not fantastic health issues I'm sure will be sorted out but leave me too young to have the amount of stuff I'll need to be taking ¬_¬.

I hope to see about signing up in a little bit.