Friday, 18 November 2016

Busy times

The strip on my drawing board right now.
I'm not likely to update my blogs very often over the next week as I'm snowed under with work at the moment. Not that I'm complaining of course. 

I was up late last night finishing off the Christmas Daft Dimension for the festive issue of Doctor Who Magazine (on sale 15th December). Today I'm drawing Pup Parade and another strip for a January issue of Beano. This weekend I'm drawing a page for The Dandy Annual 2018 (with 7 more to follow over the next few weeks) and next week I'm drawing Team Toxic for Toxic magazine and a brand new two page strip for Epic! magazine. Oh, and coming up with new scripts for Beano too. 

I've no time at the moment to work on the Combat Colin comic but that will happen in 2017 for the character's 30th anniversary. The plan is to do 5 or 6 issues over a few years reprinting all the 1980s strips in sequence.

I also have six comic conventions planned so far for next year so I hope to see some of you at those. More details at a later date.

Who says British comics are dead? It's a hectic time! Back to the drawing board!

Detail from the Christmaas Daft Dimension.


Phil Boyce said...

Great to hear you're so busy, Lew. Lots to look forward to and especially for me personally the Combat Colin series!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks, Phil! It's Combat's 30 anniversary in April so hoping to get issue 1 out by then!