Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Super School - pencils and finished art

Back in 2007 Alan Digby, who was then the editor of The Beano, commissioned me to draw a new series he'd created about young superheroes. Initially it was to be called Ultras and was even mentioned as such in the book The History of The Beano but by the time the strip saw print the decision had been made to call it Super School, which I guess was more descriptive.

The strip proved to be an immediate hit and I really enjoyed drawing the series. I thought you might like to see my original pencil roughs of the first episode and my finished inked and colored version. (Prior to it being lettered in the Beano office of course.) This strip debuted in The Beano No.3454 in October 2008.
Poll results of Super School's debut week.

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