Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Zarbi Return!

They were seen in The Web Planet story in Doctor Who 50 years ago and now the Zarbi are back this week! Well, at least in the latest episode of The Daft Dimension, the strip I do for Doctor Who Magazine

I was quite fascinated by the Zarbi when I was a kid, even though one of them bumped into the camera during the broadcast of one episode. They were set to be a major new Doctor Who monster, appearing on the box art of the Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector set and even had their own badge! But then - nothing. After The Web Planet they were never seen in the TV series again. Probably because they were actually a bit rubbish. 

I still hope they'll be updated for the modern series. I heard Peter Capaldi likes the Zarbi too, so who knows? Perhaps... Who knows? 

Doctor Who Magazine No.483 goes on sale this Thursday, 5th February. 84 pages of brilliant stuff plus my little strip. Here's the cover to look out for...


John Pitt said...

I quite liked them and I suspect they copied themselves when they gave us the Wirrn. But what I wanted to see return was the Mechaniods, yet despite some merchandising and comic strip appearances, they never came back!

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, The Mechanoids were another new 'monster' that the BBC seemed to have high expectations over. I remember the battle between them and the Daleks being a news item in the Daily Mirror! They also appeared in the Daleks strip in TV21 as you no doubt know. Yet on screen they definitely lacked the appeal of the Daleks. It'd be good to see them revived using modern technology though.