Sunday, 1 February 2015

Original comic pages for sale

Now that Christmas is well and truly over and you've hopefully had time to save a few pennies I'm starting up my art auctions on eBay again. There are two pages of my original art up there this week; a Tom Thug page from Buster (1993) and a Suicidal Syd page from Viz (2003).

Please note that these are the original, pen and ink pages that I drew, which were sent to the publishers (and have been returned to me after use). That may be obvious to most of you but the reason I specify that is because I know some sellers list prints, photocopies or even the printed comics under eBay's 'original art' listings and sadly the distinction is becoming blurred to some buyers. Original art should mean original, - the source material, - not a print.

Bidding on these pages ends next Sunday (Feb. 8th). I hope they'll be of interest to some of you. All bids much appreciated!

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