Monday 17 November 2014

Introducing... STIKKUMS!

Remember the top secret non-comics job I said I was working on? This is it. Stikkums is a new app that I did all the artwork for. Tons of individual character drawings to various themes (Knights, Monsters, and Space) and a set of appropriate backgrounds. 

Basically it's a 'reward app' for children. Parents set the goals (brush hair, eat meal, clean teeth, etc) and when they complete each task the kids are rewarded with points on the app which they can exchange for digital stickers. These character stickers (Stikkums) can then be placed on the backgrounds, similar to the Action Transfers of the 1970s. The advantage these digital stickers have over the old rub-down transfers is that they can be moved around, replaced, resized, flipped, and even coloured (if want a change from my original colours). Some Stikkums characters have blank face areas so kids can drop in photos of themselves. The characters aren't limited to their own scenarios, and you can have the Knights meeting Monsters in a spaceship background if you like, or a spaceman fighting a dragon in a castle for example. There are numerous possibilities that hopefully will keep kids entertained for hours. 

The Stikkums app is the brainchild of Dan Whitehead, who commissioned me to provide 20 characters per 'pack'. A really enjoyable gig, and more to come hopefully. 

The app should be launching soon on the iPad and Android, but for now if you want to learn more or see more of the artwork go to the Stikkums website:

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