Friday 7 November 2014

Are you ready for Kung-Fu Cheesecake?

This coming Wednesday, November 12th 2014, sees Dark Horse Comics launch Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out No.1, an 8 issue sequel series to Grindhouse: Doors Open After Midnight. Once again the comic will feature twisted, over-the-top horror in the tradition of grindhouse cinema. Written by Alex de Campi, the 8 issue series comprises of four stories which will run for two issues each. 

...and on the back cover of issue 1, is Kung-Fu Cheesecake! Who? Whatcake? I was over the moon when Alex de Campi contacted me a while back and said she'd come up with a back-up idea for the comic, called Li'l House of Grind, which would spotlight a different single-page humour strip every issue. Alex commissioned me to create strips for issues 1, 2, 7, and 8. (Other creators will do the middle four issues.) 

The main brief was to keep it in the grindhouse theme, and I knew some grindhouse movies featured kung-fu so that was a possibility. I also knew some movies featured strong independent kick-ass women reacting against stereotyping. I also wanted to add a dollop of my daft humour of course, so... put 'em together and whaddaya got? Kung-Fu Cheesecake! A brand-new, one-off character making her debut in the first issue. I did the whole works, which I always enjoy: script, art, colouring, lettering. 

The strip for issue 2 is also done. A totally different, unrelated character. I'll reveal what that is next month. 

As I said, my strip will be on the back page. The main feature in the comic is Slay Ride by Alex de Campi and R.M.Guéra. You can read a six page preview of it here:

Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out No.1 is published by Dark Horse Comics on Nov.12th, priced $3.99. Mature readers only. As this is an American comic you won't find it in UK newsagents, but you will find it in comic speciality stores such as Forbidden Planet, Nostalgia and Comics, etc. Here's the cover to look out for: 
Cover by R.M. Guéra. From Alex de Campi's website.

I'm really pleased to be part of this comic as the first series of Grindhouse was a title I bought every month. Alex and the guys at Dark Horse have been a pleasure to work with and I'm looking forward to creating more creeped-out comics for issues 7 and 8! 

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