Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Doctor Flu and Rasher previews

Here's a preview of the strips I have in today's issue of The Beano. Doctor Flu does what most of us would do if we had a time machine and goes back in time to buy old comics at cover price. This is the penultimate Doctor Flu strip and it concludes next week.

There's also the second of the new series of Rasher mini-strips. I've really enjoyed drawing the hairy pig again and including guest appearances by other Beano characters. This week Spotty's dog Blotty makes a cameo appearance. Here's the first two panels of the mini-strip...
As a 'behind the scenes' bonus here's a photograph of my original art before I coloured it in Photoshop and before the Beano staff lettered it...

For the full strips see this week's Beano - on sale now!

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