Thursday, 13 February 2014

Team Toxic preview

Here's a preview of the first few panels from the two page Team Toxic story I did for this week's issue of Toxic magazine before the word balloons were added. The Team are entrusted to guard a bank, but encounter a new villain, - The Flu Bug! 

Toxic is the top selling magazine for boys these days, and features 'gross' humour: farts, bogies, and suchlike that kids find hilarious. It would be the easy option to make my stories for the mag just about bodily functions, but I try to add a dollop of daftness in there too. 

This issue of Toxic features 40 pages, plus a pull-out A2 size Lego Batman poster, and a bag load of gifts. £3.99 from newsagents and supermarkets now!

The website should be updated soon with a video of the latest contents:

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