Wednesday, 26 June 2013

If it's Wednesday it must be Beanoday!

Yes, there's another issue of the almost 75 year old Beano on sale today. In this week's Rasher strip I thought I'd add Dennis and Walter because a) it suited the joke, and b) I get to draw Dennis the Menace!!!! The seven year old me, reading The Beano back in 1966, would be very excited by that. Heck, the 54 year old me in 2013 was pretty excited as well! It's not the first time I've drawn Dennis, but he's always fun to illustrate.

There's a preview of this week's strip above, and here's a photo of the original art before I scanned it into Photoshop to tidy up and add solid blacks and colour...

The Beano No.3691. Out now for just £2. 

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Colin Jones said...

The Beano has survived when so many other comics have gone. I wonder if , in 40 years time, today's kids will get all nostalgic about their Xboxes?