Saturday 8 June 2013

Fantasy Express and the early career of Alan Moore

Back in the late seventies and early eighties comic fanzines were plentiful and I self-published several of my own such as Metamorph, After Image and Fantasy Express. In February 1983 issue 5 of Fantasy Express featured a lengthy interview with Alan Moore, who was then fast becoming a rising star due to his work on Captain Britain and Marvelman. 

This was either the first or second interview that Alan had given, and considering that I only printed 150 to 200 copies of Fantasy Express this is very rare indeed. Recently I found an unread copy in excellent condition and it's currently up for auction on eBay. White pages, no rusty staples or other defects. Looks brand new. Exclusive cover by Alan Davis.

If you're interested, you'll find the listing here which also gives you more details about the contents. Bidding ends tomorrow (Sunday 9th June). Good luck!


George Shiers said...

Wow! £56 so far - a nice find :)

Bunnyman123 said...

Strange coincidence today....was going through old magazines and comics in my old house and came across a copy of After Image #1.

Unknown said...

Alan's Watchmen will of course, be forever remembered in comics history. It's worth also checking out Moore's 2000ad work too. DR & Quinch; Halo Jones + some of his future shocks (Prog 217 'The Platinum Horde' is the best). Probably you already knew Lew, that he is Nothampton's most famous magician.

Bruce Laing said...

Well done, Lew. it sold for £122! :D

crow said...

Eee, them were't great days: Fantasy Express and Ark/Arkensword. Brilliant zines!

I still have a couple of these. The one above and issue four with the excellent Joe Colquhoun interview.